7 common mistakes parents should avoid

7 mistakes to avoid for baby sleep

1. Putting your child to sleep too late
When babies and toddlers are too tired, they have a lot of trouble
finding sleep, and their night can be disturbed. They would also tend to
get up sooner than if you had them go to bed at a more reasonable time.
It is therefore better to have a bedtime ritual and respect it every night.
2. Do not give him the opportunity to go back to sleep alone
Maybe your child is just having a bad dream and he’s going to
go back to sleep after a minute. So be patient and do not rush into
his bed to help him. Do not stay in the room until baby is falling asleep again.
The more you do it, the more it will be difficult for him to fall asleep alone without you. He’s still a baby of course, so he needs your help, but you can help him gain some autonomy as well.
3. Put your baby in his crib when he’s already asleep
Putting a baby to bed after he has fallen asleep is one of the worst mistakes that
commit the parents. It’s confusing for a baby to wake up in a
cradle, while the last thing he remembers is having been snuggled all
against you. At the next micro-alarm, sometimes after 15-20 minutes after being placed asleep in his cradle, your baby will realize that he is no longer well
set in your arms and will scream in surprise. He must be placed
awake or lightly asleep in bed so he can develop the skills
he needs to fall asleep by himself.
4. Neglecting the bedtime ritual / routine
With a newborn, an ideal bedtime ritual may consist of a bath, a small
hug, a little story (or the ritual of your choice). A nursery rhyme is not yet
mandatory. Your child will grow up, and you may feel that he is too old to
a ritual, or you do not want to repeat it night after night.
Nevertheless, it is important to continue to offer enjoyable activities and
calm before bedtime. They prepare your little one to sleep well. These sleep aids can be a great help to set up this daily bedtime routine.
5. Take it in your bed
First, because it’s a bad habit. Then because co-sleeping is not risk-free. Many sudden infant deaths would be consequences to this practice
(except if it is practiced respecting the basic safety rules).
6. Always give him the pacifier
You can of course give your Baby the pacifier before falling asleep. But give it
systematic way to prevent crying at night is not necessarily a
good option. The baby used to the nipple may experience real difficulties in
go back to sleep if he can not find it anymore. And every time he loses his pacifier he will wake up …
several times a night.
7. Give him a syrup that helps him sleep
There are no medicines adapted to make baby sleep. And giving him
sleeping pills can seriously compromise the development of his brain.