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Pabobo, clever solutions for a good sleep.

Sleeping well is essential to growing well. That is true. But a child who sleeps well is also the whole family who benefits! Inventor of nomadic night lights, pioneer in the use of LEDs and universal charging by micro-USB … Pabobo develops ingenious solutions to improve the sleep of small and offer beautiful nights of rest to the whole family! Our ambition is to improve the nights of children and their parents, to give sweet dreams to the whole household.

Sleep like a baby / Help children sleep well / Solutions for sweet dreams

Children are at the heart of each of our creations. All our night lights are developed to gently accompany the little ones to a serene sleep. They respond to the two key moments of children’s sleep: easy bedtime and a good sleep. The solutions for easy bedtime make it possible to establish a bedtime ritual and help to put the little ones to sleep peacefully. These are the night lights projectors and ambient projectors. Pabobo solutions for a good sleep are useful during the night and naps. They reassure the children, make it possible to watch baby or to find oneself in the darkness … It is the night lights and the companions night lights.

Sleep on your two ears

But security is also essential. On this point, our requirements exceed the standards. Because we are parents, we set the bar as high as moms. All our night lights are developed in collaboration with experts in the field and tested, tested and tested again! At Pabobo, there’s only one thing you do not laugh at … it’s security! From the materials used to the smallest design details, all our products scrupulously respect the most demanding standards of the market. Our entire range is certified by independent international laboratories to illuminate the lives of toddlers in complete safety.

A recognized brand

Developed in Paris, our creations are sold in France and internationally and are regularly awarded by parents and experts in child care. That’s why, for more than 10 years, Pabobo has been recognized as the sleep expert for kids. To choose Pabobo is to choose different products. By focusing on efficiency and ease of use, our solutions make it easier for children to sleep and allow them to sleep peacefully.

A nice story

Everything starts the day Olivier becomes dad. Very quickly, his son Louis wants to get up alone at night, like a big … But he is afraid of the dark. With two friends, Philippe and Sébastien, they will then imagine a little reassuring light that Louis can carry everywhere. Clever, totally safe, and easy to use even for small hands: the Nomade night light already combines all the qualities of a Pabobo creation!

Pabobo today

Since then, Louis has grown up and so have we. Today, Pabobo gathers 11 employees in its Parisian offices and surrounds itself with the best illustrators, designers and modellers. The nightlights and star projectors are even distributed in more than 20 countries and 3,000 points of sale … And our philosophy remains the same: to make life easier for children and their parents!

The team / family photo

Olivier – P.D.G. Sébastien – Commercial Director Philippe – Creative Director Carole – Project Manager Emilie – Communication & Marketing Manager Kacib – Accounting Manager Sophie – Sales Administration Manager France Laurence – Customer Service & Back Office Manager Export Miléna – Operational Manager Networks