Feeding sleeptime

Sleep Nutrition: Foods that help baby to good

What dinner to give to baby before going to sleep?
Among the important things in the context of a good sleep and a sleep of
quality, there is, besides the rituals of falling asleep also a satiating evening meal and
easy to digest. It is, of course, obvious that such a given meal, for example, in the form
porridge, must not contain added sugars.
After the 4th-6th month, the purely milky diet is gradually replaced by a
diversified food, and we introduce particular porridge, as recommended
the Institute for Pediatric Nutrition Research. In this context, parents ask themselves
many questions about the porridge to give the child to ensure a good night’s sleep

Does an easy-to-digest, satiating meal allow the baby to be well
to sleep ?

In the evening, a milk-grain porridge remains in place. The milk of this meal brings to the baby
Useful proteins that are easy to digest. The cereals bring him energy. The cereals
make sure that the baby’s body will have all the necessary energy
all night. This allows the baby to sleep without being disturbed by hunger.
This is the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep and a lift in full
It is also important to be attentive to the signals emitted by the baby. For the evening meal, be sure to
he is not too tired and he does not fall asleep during dinner or almost.
For a good night’s sleep, the baby needs to eat in a serene environment and satiety.
The day, let it be spent and plan cuddle breaks for your little treasure
can easily separate from you for the night.
When baby’s diet becomes more diverse, nighttime nutrition becomes superfluous. baby
must be able to do his nights without being awakened by hunger.
For this, he needs a balanced diet throughout the day, including
a dinner adapted to his needs.

Should I feed baby during the night?

Each child has his own rhythm for both sleeping and eating and his own
needs too. The first weeks of his life, the newborn is not yet
difference between day and night. He’s just not used to staying long without
food. In his mother’s body, he could get satiated at any time of the day
or night. So it is certain, at least in the first weeks, that the baby
wake up at night and ask to be fed.
If you give your baby a milk age, you can share the task of bottle feeding
at night with your partner. You can also do it even if you are breastfeeding if you
pull milk in the evening and put it in the fridge (not more than 12 hours).
From 3 months, the baby can already stay longer without eating and therefore sleep
a little longer at night than during the day. From the age of 2, children no longer need to
eat at night because at this age, in principle, the hunger-satiety rhythm is well established.