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 A few words about the Pabobo spirit




About Safety: we're even more demanding than mothers are.

Safety is a mandatory field. No tradeoff here.

The materials used in our all products rigorously respect the market's most demanding standards, down to even the smallest design details. Our entire product line is certified by independent international laboratories to brighten up our little ones' lives safely.

Light with feeling

While safety is no “nice” word but strict process and engineering expertise, safety is essential, childhood is filled with emotion. Understanding, gentleness, color, simplicity… Each of our very own creations is above all designed for children. From clever concepts to hand-modeled products, an entire team of talented designers, model-makers, and illustrators makes the Pabobo offer unique.

Innovation for greater user experience

No lengthy user manuals, no complicated features: our glowing creations use today's leading technologies while remaining extremely easy to use. Design focuses on people's use of our products, which are intuitive and universal, accessible to all, particularly little ones. Because at Pabobo, we believe innovation should serve simplicity.