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Lumilove Penguin

Lumilove Penguin is a fun little animal buddy
that kids can take everywhere, all the time!

During the day, it can be hugged, told stories, played with…
And when night falls, the cute Penguin gently shines and plays music for 15 minutes.

Since it doesn't heat up, it can slide under the covers safely:
perfect - especially  right after a little scare or a sad time!

To recharge it, all you have to do is place the Penguin on its base… smart!
With 11 hours of operation, it's ready for lots of well-lit hugs.

Lumilove Penguin even turns on automatically soon as you remove it from its base,  or if the power goes out!

New in 2012: the Lumilove Penguin is now available
with the color "taupe".
...just like the real Baby Penguin shade!

Ideal for going with children everywhere, all the time.
11 hours operation for lots of well-lit hugs.
Plays a gentle melody for 15 minutes.
Just place the light on its base to recharge.
Doesn't heat up, even under sheets!
From birth
From birth
(0+) CE
The Lumilove Penguin was awarded the "Consobaby" label by parents.
The Lumilove Penguin is available in 3 shades
The Lumilove Penguin is available in 3 shades
Now, available in grey!
Bright idea by Pabobo
Bright idea by Pabobo
Turns on soon as you remove it from its base or if the power goes out!
120g (lumilove) + 180g smart charger. approx. 14cm high for the Lumilove.
No bulb
Without incandescent bulb (no more bulb to replace!)
Does not heat
Does not heat (cold LED)
2 years guarantee*
No wires
No wire, no batteries (directly on power supply, no other tools needed).
EN 60598-2-12 Luminaire
EN 60598-2-10 Portable nightlight for children: Standards indicating that the luminous source is not accessible to children.
Phthalats free, in accordance with the European dispositions for baby products intended for children younger than 3.
EN 71-1 and 71-3 Toy
EN 71-1 et 71-3 Toys: The 71-1 specifies the requirements and testing methods concerning toys' mechanical and physical properties. Are also defined the requirements relative to packaging, marquing and labelling. 71-3 : standards restraining the use of heavy metals in the toy.
ISO 8124 -1 Toy
ISO 8124 -1 Toys: Standards which settle all security aspects regarding mechanical and physical properties (no loose parts, no sharp or pointing edges) enabling the use of the product "from birth".
Complies with the RoHS directive (limitation of heavy metals in particular).