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" I really am in love with this product, it has made bedtime relaxing and enjoyable again. What is fantastic is that Miss A does not play with it and accidentally switch it off "

Lumilove Barbapapa

New version 2016 with longer runtime and auto shut-down!

Lumilove Barbapapa® is a glowing companion that follows your children
in all their adventures, day and night!

Your Lumilove glows up more than a week with a single charge!

Thanks to its new integrated timer, it turns off by itself after one hour of light. If you disable the timer, your Lumilove Barbapapa® can also be used as an extra night light for a soft luminosity all night long.

Since Lumilove Barbapapa doesn't heat up, it can safely slide under the covers at bedtime.
To recharge, all you have to do is place it on its base… smart! Even toddlers can take care of their Barbapapa by placing it back on the charging base. It turns on automatically as soon as you remove it from its base, or in case
the power goes out!

Available in 2 versions:

With smart charger: Just place the light on its base to recharge
With Micro-USB: on the computer or directly in the mains (adaptor needed) just like a Smartphone.

*24 hours autonomy and auto shut-down after 1 hour


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Ideal for going with children everywhere, all the time.
11 hours operation for lots of well-lit hugs.
Now available in 2 versions: smart charger or micro-USB charging system
A glowing character with the legendary tenderness of Barbapapa.
Doesn't heat up, even under sheets!
From birth
From birth
(0+) CE
The Lumilove Barbapapa was awarded the "Consobaby" label by parents.
The Lumilove Barbapapa is available in 2 shades
The Lumilove Barbapapa is available in 2 shades
Blue and Pink!
Bright idea by Pabobo
Bright idea by Pabobo
When the charge indicator become green, it is fully charged !
120 g (lumilove) + 180g for the smart charger. Lumilove about 14 cm high.
No bulb
Without incandescent bulb (no more bulb to replace!)
Does not heat
Does not heat (cold LED)
2 years guarantee*
No wires
No wire, no batteries (directly on power supply, no other tools needed).
EN 60598-2-12 Luminaire
2 versions : smart charger or micro-USB charging system
Phthalats free, in accordance with the European dispositions for baby products intended for children younger than 3.
EN 71-1 and 71-3 Toy
Lumilove Barbapapa smart charger complies with EN 60598-2-10 Portable nightlight for children, EN 62115 Electrical Toys, EN 71-1 et 71-3 Toy, ISO8124 Toys and EMC.
ISO 8124 -1 Toy
Lumilove Barbapapa micro USB complies with EN 62115 Electrical Toys, EN 71-1 et 71-3 Toys and EMC.
Complies with the RoHS directive (limitation of heavy metals in particular).