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"Une chouette application très pratique dont raffole mon petit garçon... et moi aussi par la même occasion. Idéale pour les vacances, les week-end chez les grands parents ou les oublis de veilleuse !"

Simone 2, sur l'App Store

Pabobo iPhone app

When you're travelling or spending a night at friends', it's not always easy
to help your little ones find their marks.
…Especially if you've forgotten their favorite night light!

Pabobo created an auxiliary animated lullaby in this iPhone app,
which enables you to choose your favorite night light from the existing range,
and to download babie's favorite lullaby
…and it's free!

The Pabobo app always keeps an eye on your little ones…

How can I prevent my child from being in contact
with the iPhone's wave emissions?
It's very simple: all you have to do is put your device in "Flight mode" to avoid wave emissions… it also preserves your child's sleep from any untimely calls.
In these conditions, the app is perfectly safe.

What's new in v2? :
New Pabobo lights: meet Lumilove Savanoo, Super Nomade, Star Projector and more…
New lullabies with nature sounds
Enhanced baby cry sensor detection
iOS 7 compatibility
iPhone 5 / 5S retina optimization
Bug fixes

Pabobo iPhone app on the App Store

Choose from 6 different night lights and 3 different lullabies
Sleep mode alarm when baby cries (alarm level from high to low or off)
Bright idea by Pabobo
Bright idea by Pabobo
Sleep timer between 5 to 60 minutes or turn off
Slide horizontally
Slide horizontally: to discover the seven available night lights.
Pleasant: night light + lullaby to accompany baby's sweet dreams to music...
A slight touch and tap
A slight touch and tap: to can change the colours and the settings...
Slide up and down
Slide up and down: to set the brightness…
Timer: sleep after 5 to 60 minutes, can also be turned off
Sleep mode alarm
Sleep mode alarm: when baby cries (alarm level from high to low or off)
Noise detection
Noise detection: through an indicator when sleep mode activated
Amusing: random design selected by shaking device (act responsibly!)
Screen: high definition Retina Display support